About Alsons Group

Alsons Industries

Alsons Industries was established as a clock manufacturing company in 1953, later switched to manufacture hi-tech engineering products at their production facility. In 1993, Alsons started exporting its mechanical components and assemblies to France, Belgium, Germany and Italy.

Currently, Alsons Industries is working on projects with the Energy, Medical, Automotive and Lighting Sectors


Products Manufactured at Alsons Industries

Facilities at Alsons Industries: CNC Turning, CNC Milling, Testing Calibration, Aluminium Gravity Die Casting and Aluminium High Pressure Die Casting.

Alsons Auto Parts

A separate unit was started as Alsons Auto
Parts (Pvt) Ltd in 1992 for the manufacturing of automotive components and assemblies. Recently the company has diversified into other sectors and are also manufacturing products for Energy, Home Appliances and Consumer Lighting Sectors.


Products Manufactured at Alsons Auto Parts

Facilities at Alsons Auto Parts: CNC Plastic Injection Moulding, Stamping, Screen Printing, Surface Treatment and Heat Treatment


Assembly Lines at Alsons Auto Parts

Diversified assembly lines and sub assemblies for various sophisticated mechanical, electrical and electronic products:

  • Aerospace components assembly
  • Automotive components assembly
  • Lighting products assembly
  • Medical devices assembly
  • Power and energy components assembly

Signify Pakistan’s portfolio of Philips lighting
products assembled at Alsons:

  • Mini Canopy
  • Arena Vision
  • BRP

Alsons Consolidated International

Established in 1996, ACI is an indenting and trading
division that transformed itself into a firm representing many World Renowned Foreign Companies in Pakistan. We have acquired sole distribution rights from established names in the global oil and gas industries whose products are now deployed across retail forecourts, refineries and other industrial setups in Pakistan.


Alsons Consolidated Products


A Boutique film Production Company

GrayScale is an award-winning boutique film production company, with an unparalleled reputation for making high quality inclusive, accessible and thought-provoking films.

Short Films

Top 4 Award Winning Short Films

(Produced by GrayScale)

Alsons Tatsuno Services Co

Alsons signed a Joint Venture with Tatsuno Corporation of Japan in 2006, through which Alsons brought a 110 year old Japanese service industry experience to Pakistan by providing maintenance and after sales service to the retail oil marketing companies of Pakistan

Alsons Technology

Founded in 2020, Alsons Technology is the
research and product development wing of
The Alsons Group. It specializes in the design,
development and industrialization of smart
embedded systems, IOT based applications
and light engineering products for the Oil/Gas,
AgriTech, HealthTech, and Medical Device

Products & Services

In Oil & Gas we have developed and rolled
out a range of products for the Fuel-Tech
sector. • Alnno Forecourt Controller
• Alnno Remote Terminal Unit
• Alnno Printer
• Vehicle Identification System
• Alnno Display


Every Breath Counts

An Electro-Mechanical ICU Ventilator designed developed, and manufactured by The Alsons Group in Pakistan. The AlnnoVent is designed for adult patients weighing between 30 kg and 300 kg. This ventilator is intended for use by trained technicians under the supervision of physicians.

The Alnnoventura hfno & Cpap

The AlnnoVentura is a lifesaving HFNO/ CPAP device developed and manufacture by The Alsons Group in Pakistan. The product follows the design and specifications of the UCL Ventura; a UK Qualified Sophisticated HFNO/ CPAP Device and is manufactured under license and manufacturing instructions from the UCL Institute of Healthcare Engineering. The device has also been exported to six different countries by The Alsons Group including Bangladesh, Malawi and Maldives.

AAS Trust

AAS Trust was founded in the year 2000. It is a
private non-profit organization in Karachi and
Lahore that provides treatment, rehabilitation
and aftercare focused toward street children
and adults (male/female) suffering from
addiction, trauma and abuse.