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The Alsons Group has around 70 years of precision engineering and manufacturing experience in the Automotive, Aerospace, Energy, Oil and Gas, Lighting and Medical Device industries of Pakistan.


“To lead in the development and manufacturing of hi-tech engineering products whilst continuing to be a value-added business partner to global supply chains.”

Our Culture and Our Promise

To create value in everything we do

The underlying values of our business culture are collaboration, transparency in information sharing and informed decision making.

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Vertically Integration


CNC Turning

CNC turning is a computer-controlled process for creating cylindrical shapes with precise dimensions and surface finish.

CNC Milling

CNC milling is a computer-controlled manufacturing process for creating complex and precise 3D shapes by removing material from a solid workpiece using rotating cutting tools.

Testing Calibration

Testing calibration is a process of verifying and adjusting the accuracy of measuring instruments or equipment to ensure they provide reliable and consistent results.

Alluminium Gravity Die Casting

Aluminium gravity die casting is a manufacturing process that uses a permanent metal mold to produce high-quality, complex, and dimensionally consistent aluminium parts.

Aluminium High Pressure Die Casting

Aluminium high pressure die casting is a manufacturing process that uses a high pressure injection of molten aluminium into a steel mold cavity to produce high-volume, precise, and complex aluminium parts.

CNC Plastic Injection Moulding

CNC plastic injection Moulding is a manufacturing process that produces plastic parts by injecting molten plastic into a mould under high pressure, with the aid of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology.


Stamping machine facility is a manufacturing operation that uses machines to cut, shape, and form metal sheets into various shapes and sizes.

Screen Printing

Screen printing facility is a printing process that uses a mesh stencil to transfer ink onto a substrate, such as textiles, paper, or plastic.

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment facility is a manufacturing process that uses controlled heating and cooling to alter the physical and mechanical properties of materials, such as metals, to improve their strength, hardness, and durability.

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